Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Role: Art Director, Illustrator

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer is refreshing and smooth. I can see why it won a blue ribbon back in the day.

When I was approached by PBR & Cult Gnar to create a collaboration skateboard deck I just about kick-flipped my chair!

The idea for this graphic came to me from something someone said a few years back. That person said to me, "Shotgunning beers is stupid." I'm still not really sure why they think that, but to each his own. With the idea of that phrase floating in my head created a skateboard deck that made "shotgunning" cool again by utilizing both the branding of Pabst & Cult Gnar. Two days later this graphic made that voice in my head saying, "Shotgunning beers is stupid" shut it's little mouth.

Maker'd For:
Pabts Blue Ribbon Beer & Cult Gnar Clothing