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Role: Art Director, Animator, Illustrator


Cult Gnar Clothing is a lifestyle brand ran by and made for skateboarders. They are based in Seattle, WA. Cult Gnar clothing has a vibe that pushes the limits of culture, art, and freedom of expression.


When asked to create a series of animations that they could use for branding and in their skate videos I was more than excited.  I knew that this job was one where I had no restricions. I had to think outside of my usual medium and get a little crazy.


I remember sitting in the Cult Gnar office. On the wall was this illustration of two hands, the left was holding an "OK" sign and the other was a pointer finger pointing at the "OK" hand. Above it was the phrase, "Let's Get Weird Together." That was the moment that I realized, Im going to have to get weird on this project.


After a few days of drawing I sketched out a bunch of skull drawings, skeletons, and hands & finger bones. Then I used Illustrator to make the vector lines. I separated the images into layers. Once imported into After Effects The animation magic took hold. The result is a "let's get weird" attitude that came up from the depths of darkness and rock'n'roll.


Maker'd For: Cult Gnar Clothing.


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